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Probably one of the greatest songwriters/composers was Marvin Gaye.  Unfortunately, his life was cut short tragically but not before he delivered some of the greatest songs.

In this song, he talks about the healing powers of sex.  It is a common joke that a man will just turn over and go to sleep after an encounter.  But there is well known established facts that promote the power of intimacy.  It has been proven time and time again through thousands of studies that the greatest and most natural form of stress relief is sex.  It does not have to be good sex, it can be bad sex, if there is such a thing. The power of release from stress for both men and women has been well established in medical journals.
Unfortunately, however, many people facing Panic and Anxiety Disorder find themselves “not in the mood” due to the depression that unlitmately finds its way in facing this issue.  The following was taken from a website that is all about suicide prevention. If found myself just that low last weekend. Here is how it reads:

FOR ADULTS (with Partners)
Keep having sex with your normal partner — even if you think you don’t feel like it.
It doesn’t have to be magical & romantic.
Go for comfort, closeness, support, or love.
Tell your partner that you may not seem to feel like it but it is important to do it – even if it’s not great.
There are unforeseen hormonal & therapeutic benefits.
It will help you stay together through this difficult time.
Add it to the list of things that could keep you alive.

Unfortunately for me, I do not have this situation, having a partner, so it was not applicable for me.  But I am hoping that it will help someone else.  If YOU are the one in a relationship that is in on the “not wanting to” side, then you need to change or at least follow what is suggested.

If you are a partner and are in the position of “not wanting to” then maybe you will reconsider for the sake of the person going through this.  It may just save their life, or at the very least, bring the stress level from a 10 to a 1 or 0.

Sex is a God given blessing of intimacy.  It is to be reverered and honored as a gift from God.  By engaging in the intimacy you might find that the stress you have built up is something that can easily be reduced in a matter of just a few minutes.

I close with some advice from another site that I found very interesting and possibly something to consider, but consider carefully.  It is taken from a man’s perspective, but can easily be turned to be the perspective of a woman.

“My wife refuses to have sex with me

The problem is not with you but your wife. What caused it? When did it begin in her mind and spirit? Only God knows.

The fact is what do you do about it. Based on human behavior and past experience being a 95% proof of future actions, not to mention actions speak louder than words. She will probably never change.
So what are your rights?

The Bible and man-made laws are very clear. You have a right to expect, without demand, a spouse who will make love to you, and not just huff and lie there either – that is not love. The original definition of Adultery in the Greek is not just one person cheating on another, but the abandonment of the marriage bed by one spouse or the other. So you have a spouse is martially unfaithful to you.
What do you do about it? Your rights are clear what you can do with your relationship with her. Divorce, separation, confirmation – however this may not help you in every other aspect of your life. These actions could destroy your family, your children and you. “Not a very nice position to be in “a person that loved you would not put you in this position”

I like to think of your children. You may have to grin and bear it until the children are adults and are able to make their own way. How your wife is treating you does not give you the right to make a decision that will hurt the kids. You still have a commitment to them that has to be fulfilled. If you were without children then I would say file for divorce. Why? Love and passion have to come from the heart. What your not getting cannot be fixed by laws or finger shaking at someone. If you have to spell out the rules of passion to your spouse it is already too late.
Hard words, Honest words I know, but there is no point in self help seminars or poetry ect: The only thing you can do, and I would recommend it is to simply ask her to forgive you for any sins you have committed against her and to let her know that you have not intentionally done anything to harm her. This will go one of two ways for you. 1. She wills thank you and say that is what she has been waiting to here. 2. She will use this opportunity to drive the knife in deeper and use your compassion as weakness. Either way you will have your final answer “out of the mouth the heart speaks”

Be strong, there are a ton of men in this situation in this culture of North America over the last 100 years. It is a degradation of society in our culture. 1OOO years ago it what the other away around in Jewish and Roman culture, it was the men in marriages who where the majority of cold hearts in the bedroom. (Power control thing) you can’t have tyranny and love existing at the same time.
What ever you do, do what it takes to make sure your children come out the winners. ADD (Attention Dad Disorder)

Nasty people do nasty things, because of who they are, not who you are.”


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