Commentary – State of HealthCare

Broken Health Care System

Darn! The Insurance Company Only Lets Me Have One

This is no new revelation.  Our health care system is broken.  Period.

Our big insurance companies and their lobbies are the ones that have broken the system.  Some blame our doctors.  Some blame the hospital administrators.  Now we have huge legislation underway that will bring about revolutionary change to the health care crisis and stabilize and make health care available to all.

The solution?  A Universal HealthCare INSURANCE program! Did you notice that, Insurance.  That is not going to solve the problem.  The US Government has Read More…


Hypochondria: Let’s Stir the Pot a Bit More

HypoHypochondriasis is defined by Webster’s as “morbid concern about one’s health especially when accompanied by delusions of physical disease”. One labeled a hypochondriac can be described as “always ailing” or sometimes as just plain annoying. The hypochondriac can also be a thorn in the side of his or her doctor(s). But what causes this puzzling and complex disorder? And why are those afflicted unable to be pacified by a clean bill of health from their doctors?

For many suffering with panic and anxiety disorder, acute attacks are often triggered by one or more physical symptoms that are interpreted as life-threatening.

Anxiety literally feels bad. There are Read More…



Credit: Coney Island

Credit: Coney Island

From the eyes of a person that battles with Panic Attacks this is good example of what the view looks like; dips, valleys, turns and twists. Although we know what lies around the corner, although we know the outcome of a Panic Attack, we still question.

This latest entry is made just moments after a Category 5 Psyche-Clone, aka Panic Attack. This is an extremely troubling one as it is what I call a Safety Panic Attack, meaning that it happened in my primary safe place, my home.

I had been busy during the day working from home and doing some painting. I got overheated and my primary trigger, stomach discomfort, launched the attack. I called my safe person, and ended up allowing her to come home and comfort me through the attack. Naturally by the time she got home, the level had subsided, however the other option was to dial 911.

So as the sensations rose, rather than welcome the feelings, my mind went to racing and all kinds of things were racing around in my head, I had pushed the roller coaster car from the gentle click clack of the ascent and moved it into the free falling twist and turns of the adventure that lay ahead.

This week my doctor changed my med. I have a wonderful relationship with my doctor Read More…


Da Plane, Da Plane

Credit ABC

Credit: ABC Television

Famous words from the iconic mini me on “Fantasy Island.” Such a catch phrase that caught on for many years. Fantasy Island is gone and the iconic mastermind of fantasies come true on this magical island recently passed away.

Panic Attacks lend such a strange sur-reality that is is utterly impossible at the time that a Panic Attack strikes, what is real and what is fantasy. During the moment of strike, it is so hard to find reality but after the attack is over, reality and the feeling of “whew I got through it” is a relief that we relish, and then gets filed away until the inevitable next strike. It is this experience that I want to expand upon in this entry.

I had to take a plane trip, alone, recently. I was mentally prepared and properly nourished; or at least I thought the first part was under control. I was fine, I boarded the plane. I had a convenient seat on the isle, Read More…


IBS and Anxiety

So I visited my doctor today for a follow-up.  I have really been struggling with the Panic Monster lately.  I found that one of the triggers is stomach discomfort which quickly moves forward to ‘what-if’ thinking and then will finally manifest into a full blown Panic Attack. Read More…


The Anatomy of a Panic Attack

Ever wonder, as a support person for someone with panic attacks, what the anatomy and progression of a panic attack is like? Watch this 2 minute video and you will see and hear what is going on. Read More…


The Launch of Panic Attack Guru

I have joined the world of blogging.  Today marks the launch of The Panic Attack Guru Site.  I am inspired by Paul Dooley of The Anxiety Guru, to put this site up.  I go to sleep almost every night listening to his podcasts and finding comfort in what he says and the guidance he gives.  I invite you to visit his site and please keep coming back here.