Moving On: Changing Scenery Can Change the Outlook

This post was written by admin on October 3, 2011
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Not all people that are battling Panic Attacks have the option.  But it is worth considering this; a change of scenery can make a world of Moving On(VWs Never Die!)difference.  One of the biggest ptoblem with Panic Attacks is familiarity; complacentcy; the ‘same-old-same-old.’  I call this situationalism.  Remember your first Panic Attack?  Did it happen in the car on a stretch of road?  Do you feel your heart as a lump in your throat when you go past that same spot?  Do you look for ways to avoid that same area?  Or did it happen in the store?  Do you feel like your head is going to spin off your body everytime you go there?

Perhaps, the best medicine is that you pack it all up and move somewhere?  Somewhere you have never been.  Have you thought about that?  Does think about that make you feel like you are running away from the problem or instead are you perhaps running to your cure?

I have performed this experiment ad I can tell you it is something that can be done, can be achieved and can help.  I am not sure that the same end result could be achieved in moving across town as opposed to moving across the country. To an new city; new state; new country?  Sometimes the best medicine can be change.  I am reminded of the old tried and true expression that goes something like this, “If you always do what you have always done you will always be who you’ve become.”  So in essence, a change as drastic as a move could very possibly be the answer to some much need relief.

I discovered that a major trigger in my panic was a person as well as a particular situation.  Sadly, the person was not a relative or a friend by my “alter ego.”  It is who I had become and it was something that I did not realize this fact until I had made the move across the country.  I was also shown this by a dear friend of mine in the city I moved to.  He helped me to understand as we rebonded in our 25+ year friendship that I had changed and the person I had become I did not like, but I didn’t even know it.  I am greatful to him for that revelation.

So in considering what comes next in your quest to face head on the panic monster, consider a change of your environment.  Look deep inside, should you change, should you relocate or both? The perspective on the outlook could be absolutely amazing!


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